New Perspectives on Caffeine and Headache

Truth About Caffeine

When it comes to caffeine and headache, the relationship is complex. In fact, even with today’s medical advances, you can still find medical professionals who disagree on “the truth” about caffeine.

Caffeine and Headache

In an effort to continue providing you with the best possible weapons in your fight against headache-education and support-the National Headache Foundation (NHF) asked a distinguished panel of experts of to take a hard look at the published evidence and explain what they found.

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Funding for this educational module was originally provided by Bristol-Myers Squibb through an unrestricted grant. In 2010, Novartis Consumer Health provided the NHF with an unrestricted educational grant to review the medical literature published about caffeine and headache in the decade since the original program and to incorporate any relevant findings into this educational module.

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7 comment on “New Perspectives on Caffeine and Headache

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  2. Jean Tyler Reply

    Consuming caffeine can bring on a migraine or not. Sometimes I believe there must be other factors happening concurrently such has a certain barametric pressure and stress. If all three of these are happening at once a migraine will occur. If I eat chocolate and the barometric pressure is not a concern-no migraine. But if the barametric pressure is at a certain level and I eat chocolate-migraine. Does this make sense?

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  4. Susan George Reply

    Is drinking caffeine empty stomach dangerous?

    1. Staff headache Reply

      Let us ask one of our healthcare provider members and see if we can find you an answer.

    2. Staff headache Reply

      Hi Susan,
      Here’s an answer to your question from Dr. Seymour Diamond, Founder and Executive Chair of the NHF:

      “Caffeine, whether taken on an empty stomach or not, will be effective at the onset of a headache as long as it is tolerated. Taken in the early stages of a headache, can help in migraine and other types of vascular headaches. However, excessive use of caffeine can cause daily headaches or chronify migraine. Caffeine works on the blood vessels that may enlarge during a migraine and prevent them from dilating.”

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