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  1. Liliana Reply

    I would love more information on how you guys work and. And can help my son has abdominal migraines with cyclic vomiting

  2. joy Reply

    I’ve had migraines since I was 13 is now 50, take Zomig which work quite well but I still have two to three days in.bed a month, and I’ve been having Botox but in my head and neck, which has helped the severity and has reduced the length of time they last for.

  3. Tracy Bashaw Reply

    I’ve suffered with disabling migraines, for over 17 years. I’ve been inpatient hospitalized several times & have frequent visits to the ER.
    Do you provide any type of financial assistance, to people in need.
    I started a charity donation – for myself- to obtain a long-term solution to my dental problems. The best long term solution will likely be a full set of dentures, with titanium implants, for support.
    If you are able to help, I’d be sincerely grateful.


  4. Bethany Reply

    Do you accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance?

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